October 23, 2020 8:45 am

By Jonan Kiiza- Corporate Affairs

On the 14 day of October 2020, UEDCL played host to Hon. Eng. Simon D’Ujanga – State Minister for Energy & MEMD technical team at Acwa 33kV Substation in Pader district. In this appraisal tour other electricity sector players like Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA), Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited, Umeme, and ARPE, the developers of Acwa HPP’s (42 & 41 MW) were ably represented. The tour was premised on appraising the Acwa I (42 MW) & 2 (41 MW) HPP’s and the associated evacuation lines; plus getting a remedy for frequent power blackouts in the Gulu sub-region.

The delegation led by Hon. Eng. Simon D’Ujanga toured the 80% complete Acwa 41 MW HPP and the recently commissioned Acwa 42 MW. All these assets are aiming at contributing to the GoU national vision of increasing installed capacity to spur industrialisation and improve on social-economic aspects of the populous.

As Karuma 600MW HPP is nearing its completion, UEDCL is looking at quick modalities of evacuating the power to increase the demand for electricity in the country. 

“We shall use cables from Karuma Substation up to Oyam District side. It will be easier and quicker to Operationalize”, Said Eng. Laurn Bamanya – Projects Manager UEDCL, adding that, the line being constructed under REA from Karuma to Katurikire will add this community to the national grid other than them seeing conductors running on top of their structures.

It shall be recalled that UEDCL’s 33kV line from Acwa- Angangura was completed in December 2019 plus its associated capacitor bank substations at Lariya and Kitgum. All these were intentioned to stabilise power supply in the region. In a related angle, Mr. Mwesigwa Paul- UEDCL MD, remains optimistic that UEDCL’s participation in the electricity distribution in the country is going to bring hygiene in the sector plus improve on the country’s economics. He further argues that GoU participating in business is the only direction that can redeem the economy and fasten the realisation of middle-income status. 

Hon. Eng. Simon D’Ujanga – Minister of Energy commended UEDCL for putting up such a stable evacuation line from Acwa HPP to Angangura. He also commended ARPE the contractors of the ACWA HPP’s for ensuring strict SoPs concerning the COVID 19 pandemic and that they’ve continued to work despite the lockdown.

Sergio, the ARPE Project Manager informed the minister & the joint sector technical team that the second power plant Acwa 1 41 MW had passed 80% of physical project progress. 

 “We’re steadily revamping the Gulu-Lira & Gulu- Kitgum 33kV lines, this will ensure sanity in Gulu and the neighboring areas,” said, Jonan Kiiza- UEDCL Spokesman, adding that, UEDCL management is proud to have birthed strategic initiatives aimed at resolving the power crisis in Acholi sub-region.

UEDCL, the national electricity distributor, has already embarked on its Five-year strategic plan (2020/21-2024/5) that focuses on improving operational efficiency plus increasing demand. The company remains committed to improving reliability and increasing demand in all its areas of operation.