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The Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited has strongly galvanised its stakeholder engagement practices of interacting with, and influencing project sponsors to the overall subsidy of the project and its advocates. 

In the modern age, successful completion of a project typically depends on how stakeholders view it. Thus, a UEDCL stakeholder strategy is in place, composite of all schemes to address key notions of power, influence and interest.

Their requirements, expectations, perceptions, personal agendas and concerns will influence the project, shape what success looks like, and impact the outcomes that can be achieved. Arising from this practice and consideration, UEDCL has successfully concluded many projects including;

  • The Acwa double circuit 33kV evacuation line
  • The Acwa substation
  • The Kitgum Capacitor banks station
  • And Gulu capacitor banks
  • Lira- Kitgum 33kV evacuation lines
  • Lira-Gulu 33kV evacuation line
  • Acholir-Bur 33kv evacuation line
  • And the Mutukula power line extension

These and many other concluded projects involve engaging the affected communities and land has featured very pertinent. Therefore, without stakeholder engagement, UEDCL would not have successfully completed & compensated the project affected persons (PAPs) in time. Thus we’re right to allude that stakeholder engagement is a vital requirement in the success of any project.