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The Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL) has undertaken special projects on behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD). Since 2017, UEDCL continued undertaking special projects specifically implementing peri-urban schemes. The implementation is guided by a Memorandum of Understanding between UEDCL and MEMD. The projects aim at increasing Low voltage (LV) network coverage in peri-urban areas mainly in the periphery of Umeme footprint. Since then the section has implemented schemes worth about 17 billion shillings.

The schemes are normally identified by MEMD, after which UEDCL goes in to survey, prepare BOQs and do the costing. The costs are communicated to MEMD for the release of funds. Besides, the MEMD acquires consent from the landowners through whose land these electricity power lines are to pass and consequently shares wayleaves’ consent forms with UEDCL before the commencement of any works by UEDCL.  UEDCL implements the schemes after receipt of funds. On average, the implementation period for these schemes from receipt of funds to commissioning has been about eight (08) months. 

During the year 2017/2018, the MEMD released funds for the peri-urban projects which were implemented.