UEDCL launches its five year (2020/21-2024-25) customer centered strategic plan

September 9, 2020 8:23 am

Strategic planning has and will always be at the centre of UEDCL’s core business direction. As Yogi Berra once said, “ain’t what it used to be.” You may not be able to control the future, but strategic planning can create a direction for your practice and maximize your options for influencing your environment. By and large, UEDCL is not far from this notion.

Early this year 2020, the UEDCL 7 member board led by Mr. Tumuheirwe Francis working with the company’s top management headed by Mr. Mwesigwa Paul –MD, embarked on planning for the next 5 years of the organisation. This process adopted an all-inclusive approach with planning aligned to the National Development Plan III, Vision 2040, ERA strategic plan 2014-15-2023-24, and the National Energy Policy draft (2019).

“As a major national distributor, we have a central role to play in the country’s vision to achieve universal electricity access come the year 2040” Said, Mr. Tumuheirwe Francis- UEDCL Board chairman, adding that, the board has the will and commitment to effectively implement the 5-year strategic plan.

UEDCL is a national electricity distributor formed in 2001 as a successor company following the disbandment of the Uganda Electricity Board. Its mandate as enshrined in the 1999 electricity Act, is to own all distribution assets of 33kV & below. The company manages Umeme Limited investment which was concessioned for 20 years starting from 2005 as a way of GoU attracting private foreign investment capital. The company has also got a license from  Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) to distribute power in 8 service territories dispersed in 60 political districts of Uganda. Aside from that, the company also manages a creosote pole treatment plant at Lugogo in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

Mr. Mwesigwa Paul- UEDCL MD acknowledged improvement in the company’s performance since 2005. He also noted that the primary mandate was managing the Umeme Lease & Assignment Agreement (LAA) which extended to electricity distribution in 8 service territories. As pertains the financials, the last 5 years of the company have been tremendous, as revenue has grown from 30.96 billion shillings in 2015 to 70.5 billion in 2019. With the asset value increasing from 1,210.4 billion to 1,699.2 billion shillings in the same period respectively.

“To sustain the improved performance aforementioned, this 5-year strategic plan will with no doubt guide the business”, said, Mr. Mwesigwa Paul- UEDCL MD, adding that, the focus area is to increase customers from the current 77,000 to 350,000 come the year 2025.  Mr. Mwesigwa also highlighted that in this period the company will increase the current annual pole production from 25,000 to 100,000.

This amalgamated strategic plan will be lubricated by the new company Vision & mission. 


To be a reliable, customer-focused, and safety-oriented national electricity distributor 


To monitor and grow a reliable national electricity distribution network; ensuring safe, efficient, and sustainable service delivery.

With this ambitious plan, the key result areas of this strategy will be business growth & sustainability, customer service excellence, and operational efficiency. With this plan, the company is convinced that it will live by its notion of: “Lighting up your world”.

By Jonan Kiiza- Corporate Affairs