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1. Get a wireman (Power Kapo) certified by ERA to do for you house wiring and upon completion, he/she will issue you with two documents.

                i) A wiring certificate and

                ii) a photocopy of his permit.

2. Present these documents to any of the UEDCL office/s in your locality upon which you will be given application form to fill. While returning the filled in application form, you will come along with;

           i) 2 passport size coloured photos

          ii) Recommendation letter from LC1 chairperson

          iii) Document confirming property ownership I. E land title, a letter from landlord in case it's the tenant applying.

           iv)  Identification documents i. e photocopy of National ID or Driving permit

            v) A map showing where the site is.

3. You'll then be required to pay Inspection and Initial energy fees via Mobile money or bank depending on how you'll be advised from our office. (The fees may vary depending on the phase a customer is interested in).

4. Our technical surveyor will then visit your site/ premises t to cross-check the standard of wiring.

5.Upon passing the survey, a meter will be allocated to the customer and will later be taken to site for connection.


Tokens also form the biggest chunk of complaints raised by the customers who consume our energy. This is caused by a number of technical factors, but most common, is network fluctuation from the telecom service providers. For those customers vending from MTN network, you as a customer can serve yourself by following the procedure below;

  1. Dial *165# and press okay/yes
  2. Select option 4: Payments
  3. Select option 1: Utilities
  4. Select Option 2: UEDCL
  5. Under Option 2: Get UEDCL last token and the story is closed.

Those vending on Airtel, the modus for customer self-help is not yet available. So we encourage you to call our toll free customer call centre number at 0800203088. You can also find us on social media @UEDCLTD Twitter & @UEDCLTD on Facebook/Messenger and ask for expeditious help.


This is one of the most customer featured questions from all UEDCL communication channels. The responsibility of setting the end user tariff is not of UEDCL nor any other electricity distributor in the country. This function is executed by the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) in accordance to the 1999 electricity act and does so every quarter in a year. This means, three tariff schedules are issued by ERA every year and are effectively implemented by UEDCL to its customers. Further details about electricity tariffs can be obtained from www.era.go.ug.