Wood Treatment at the Pole Plant


Our Poles treatment complies with specifications and standard requirements of Uganda Standards and East African Standards as stipulated by Uganda National Bureau of Standards. Tests are also carried out by independent competent authorities against South African Standards to monitor conformity.
We take responsibility as suppliers, to furnish all Clients with poles that are in compliance with the above standard specifications or any others specifications as required by the client.


All poles are warranted to conform to the specified specification. Poles found defective or non-conforming with agreed upon specification are replaceable subject to terms and conditions warranty.

Quality Control:

Our treatment process is governed by a well-designed quality control program that ensures compliance to local and international standards.


All poles manufactured at our plant are of Eucalyptus Saligna and or Eucalyptus Grandis species with a minimum sapwood depth of 15 millimeter.


Poles manufactured are of various lengths ranging from 9meters to 18meters. For all the poles, Top and Bottom diameters are specified including the Average moisture content before treatment, method of treatment, minimum depth of preservative and minimum net retention of chemical used for treatment. Detailed specifications can be obtained on request by contacting UEDCL.


The moisture content of the poles prior to treatment is less than 30% or equal to 25% at a depth 1.125 inches from the pole surface as measured at the mid length of the pole. Prior to treatment, poles are trimmed to ensure flat tops. Both tops and butts are fixed with galvanized gung-nails (anti-split plates) covering not less than 70% of the flat top (or butt) surface. Treatment is then done using creosote (BS144 type 2) preservative in a closed cell, vacuum/pressure process using temperatures of up to 100 degrees centigrade and pressures over 150psig. The final products (poles) has a preservative retention of 125kg/m3 as measured by assay of the zone from ¼’’ to 1.0’’deep

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