Uganda’s Standards agency certifies UEDCL electricity poles

Uganda National Bureau of Standards has certified the treated wood poles for Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (UEDCL). The electricity poles are manufactured by the UEDCL pole plant located on Plot 5A, fourth street Industrial Area.

The plant has made sure that all standard requirements are fulfilled to ensure high quality products and customer satisfaction. Having the UNBS certification permits our pole plant products to carry the Quality mark symbol. This is assurance to our esteemed customers and clients of the exceptional quality of our products.

How? The UEDCL pole plant has put a lot of emphasis on documenting processes and procedure to ensure that our systems guarantee quality outputs every day by following procedures to the letter.

The UEDCL pole plant supply’s treated wood poles to support the electricity transmission and distribution networks in Uganda and the region. Our products have stood the taste of time and a UNBS third party testimony in addition to over 50 years of pole treatment says it all.

Certification is an assurance to clients of our high quality products but also demonstrates our efforts to enhance continuous improvements and performance to standards required by our clients.

Quality Management System

The pole plant has a quality management system governed by a robust quality management policy that helps in ensuring that high quality standards are maintained.  A safety, health and environmental policy has been implemented to ensure that not only are the product excellent but the environment is good for all involved in production and the surrounding communities. By the end of 2012, we hope to have achieved the ISO 9001 requirements for certification.

The Product

To promote efficiency in electricity distribution the plant produces transmission and distribution poles from eucalyptus saligna and eucalyptus grandis that have reached sufficient maturity of a minimum of ten years under natural conditions.

The poles are produced in various lengths ranging from 9 to 18 meters for electricity distribution and transmission networks. Our products comply with the Uganda Standards US 253, the East African Standard EAS 322:2002 and the South African Standard SANS 754:1994 for Wood poles and blocks for power and telecommunication lines.

What our Customers say

“UEDCL pole plant has provided the best service we could get. We felt that you prioritized our needs… We use international consultant on all our projects to monitor quality compliance and they had no complaints about the quality of your product. If it was an examination, you scored 99%” Mr. Cosmas Elotu from C&G Andijes Group limited commenting on UEDCL’s supply of poles valued at over $1million dollars.

‘’We are working on the processes to ready the plant for ISO 9001 certification for management systems and ISO 14001 for Environmental management systems. This will enable us continuously improve on the quality of service and customer satisfaction. We do not want to look back,’’ says Mr. Protaze Tibyakinura.

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