The pole plant at Lugogo

The Pole Plant at Lugogo in Kampala maintains its transformation drive from a support unit to a fully fledged and commercially viable business unit trading in creosote treated wood poles.
The rehabilitation of the plant is continuous with a view of attaining international standards and meeting all the environmental requirements.
All efforts are geared towards ensuring that the plant fully performs its duty in the Energy sector.
The Plant owes the sector a duty of ensuring sufficient supply of quality treated wood poles to support the distribution and transmission electricity networks within the country.

There is now a great achievement of breaking into a new market in regional markets including Southern Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo. With the quality and competitiveness of our products, we hope are taking a substantial share of the market existing in the DRC in the coming years.

A tractor loading treated poles at the pole plant

Safety, Health and Environmental compliance:

The plant took a step further in its effort to establish a safe working environment for staff and compliance with regulations on occupational health and safety and environmental regulations.
Some of the initiatives now established include:

  • Construction of a modern office facility for staff
  • Replacement of the old creosote oil storage tanks
  • Implementation of the environmental cleanups including channels for the effluent residual chemicals into the separator tank for proper disposal.
  • Establishment of a SHE (Safety, Health and Environment) Policy.
Seasoned wood poles being loaded into the treatment plant.

Quality Standards:
The plant has carried on with its emphasis on quality of the poles produced. The climax was the establishment and documentation of a Quality Assurance manual for Total Quality Management. Implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS) is underway.

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