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Corporate Affairs

Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited has embarked on Designing an effective corporate responsibility which requires a delicate balance, allowing the company to remain accountable and competitive while ensuring special needs of the environment and the public-at-large.

Defining effective corporate social responsibility requires a unique understanding of the new business culture. Now more than ever, shareholders, employees, and the general public, expect a corporation to be good stewards. What this means to each business will vary depending on a number of factors.

Environmental Concerns

Perhaps one of the top issues regarding effective corporate social responsibility is how a corporation makes use of available resources.

Many trees are felled to supply the production processes at our Pole plant business unit however, as a responsible corporate citizen, we have continued to expand the tree forest at Walumwanyi.

In other CSR expectations, shareholders, employees and citizens expect businesses to act above reproach in the provision of goods and services at a fair market price (more so in the case of our Pole Plant unit). These goals can only are being achieved at UEDCL through hard work, effective media relations, good moral and ethical guidance of employees, segregation of duties, and audits.