Chief Logistics & Production Officer

Job Title:Chief Logistics & Production Officer
Accountable To:Managing Director
SupervisesManager Production & Quality Assurance, Manager Fleet & Logistics, and the Marketing Officer.
Department:Logistics and Production Department.
Duty StationKampala
Job Purpose
To provide leadership to the pole plant team, Stores, Logistics & Fleet Management, and direct all departmental activities towards achieving the departmental goals.
Key Result Areas
1. Plan and direct all activities at the Logistics & Production department in line with UEDCL strategy.
2. Design, develop and Implement all corporate strategies for the Logistics & Production department in line with the company strategic direction.
3. Oversight role for all stores and make final approvals for all issues and receipts of materials in the stores in accordance with the stores operating procedures.
4. Provide oversight role for planning and managing the pole plant production, quality standards and the plant’s efficiency
5. Develop and implement appropriate fleet management system that ensures effective and efficient utilisation of the entire organisational fleet in line with the industry best practices.
6. Develop and implement appropriate stores management procedures for materials acquired under donor-aided projects.
7. Organise training and development programmes for department staff in line with the Human resource policy.
8. Carry out performance assessments and appraisals for staff in the department in line with the company’s Human resource policy.
9.Carry out market research and ensure key inputs like poles and creosote are in constant and efficient supply at all times.
10.Provide a safe working environment to the employees in the Logistics & Production department in line with the safety guidelines and policies.
11.Review and monitor implementation of risk management in the department in line with the company’s risk policy.
12.Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual departmental reports for Management review and action.
Technical requirements/experience/qualifications
• Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• A Bachelor’s degree in a Business/Manufacturing related course like Logistics, Economics, Administration, Finance or Accounting and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from a recognized university.
• Professional qualification to the related institution is a MUST.
• Experience of not less than 7 years in a recognized public or private organization in a senior management position.
• Experience in production planning and Logistics management including fleet is required.
• Excellent negotiation, oral and written communication skills and ability to work amidst tight deadlines.
• Computer literacy with excellent working knowledge of Microsoft office, PowerPoint presentations, database management systems, etc.
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