The Electricity Regulatory Authority notified us of the electricity End-User tariff chargeable to the Customers under UEDCL operational areas for the period January 2020 to March 2020 as below.

Customer Category End – User Tariff (Shs)
Domestic Consumers; Single phase – Supplied at 240 volts 751.7
Commercial Consumers; Three phase – less than 100 Amperes, supplied at 415 volts 649.4
Medium Industrial Consumers; Low Voltage – supplied at 415 volts, with a maximum demand of 500 kVA 575.2

The tariff rates for Medium Industrial & Large Industrial customers for Quarter 1 2020 are:

Medium Industrial Large Industrial
Shoulder Rate 1 575.6 363.7
Peak Rate 2 773.0 483.5
Off peak Rate 3 319.5 245.0
Average 575.2 362.4

Other Charges such as fixed monthly fees, inspection fees, new connection charges, re-connection fees, maximum kVA demand charges and penalties for power theft remains unchanged.

The tariffs as announced by the Electricity Regulatory Authority are effective from 1 January 2020.

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